Hi there !

I’m Sabine a french illustrator and founder of Happy Lazuly. Welcome to my little but colourful place. Here everything is made by hand and with love. My main inspirations are Nature and Ocean which i am surrounded with, living in Fremantle the South Coast of WA !

I use cotton paper and the best quality pigments for my painting. It gives bright and long lasting colours.

For Fine ART prints my illustrations need to be scanned then printed with extra care. I am printing from home with a professional epson printer on high quality paper for Fine art prints or, 100% recycled and environment friendly paper for greeting cards. The best of the best or “la crème de la crème” as we say in french.

Feel free to get in touch with me. If you’d like to work with me, or if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas.  happylazuly@gmail.com 

Colourfully 🌈



Where It All Begins

Each product you see here begins as a hand-painted watercolor illustration. From an idea  to final product there is a long way. Follow me along on Instagram to see my process. I share tips, videos, inspirations and much more.


How it is made

After digitalising my watercolor paintings, I am printing at home on a professional epson printer. I put extra care and love in all of the products you see on my website. For them to be as qualitative as the original.


Made with love in Australia

Thank YOU

Your purchase supports my artist-owned company. All products are made to order with love and shipped from Fremantle, WA Australia.